The Lilith Mysteries

You are Perfect Exactly as you Are

Mystical practice, begins with the premise that you are already perfect.


You are a reflection of the infinite vibration of All, and you are therefore Divine.

But monotheist world religions, say the opposite. Their words for ‘God’ do not describe you, they describe a male, one-and-only, all knowing, all powerful, supreme father creator of the universe who is well beyond your reach. If you are a man, you may sense at least some minor similarities. If you are any other gender, you have no chance of ever becoming ‘godlike’, and you will always be deemed less-than, wrong, and ‘other’. In fact, you are much closer to their idea of evil – with your supposed intuitive, sensual, and erotically tempting ways.

It may or may not come as a surprise that this, of course, is a myth – a fairy tale that has been perpetuated in order to generate fear and control within cultures and to keep you from the knowledge of your ecstatic capabilities, your divine wisdom, and your right to be valued for exactly who you are.

If there is a great all-seeing father, then who are we but perpetual children?

Due to the fear of his punishment, we ‘children’ have been taught to believe that God is the great big scary boss of everything and that we have no choices, no rights, no power, and no control – we are barely even worthy of following his ‘awe-inspiring’ lead. Whether you are religious or not, these myths continue to infiltrate culture and consciousness.

The ‘God’ myth is a bastardisation of the preceding ancient wisdom that ALL is ONE. According to this wisdom, there IS a supreme, all knowing, and powerful creator, but it is not a bearded man in the sky, it is YOU – together with everything in the universe bundled into one infinite ALL. The religious myths have been created in order to keep this knowledge from you – how could the religious leaders even attempt to control us if we were aware of our own immense power? By separating us from the ecstasy, the bliss, and the infinite love that comes from the experience of embodying this Unity, these myths keep people lonely, fearful, and separate from each other.

Without this personal experience of infinite beingness, people desperately search for connection. They look to lovers, friends, family, and religions for love and acceptance. They may find it there – in shared life experiences, or in the shared devotion to a god – these things can feel extremely fulfilling. But underneath is always the knowledge that people, and these religions, tend to be judgemental, and your connection to them is often fear driven. Their love and approval depends on you behaving according to their expectations and rules. If you break the rules you will feel the limited and conditional nature of this ‘love’ and you may experience it being taken away.

Lies or loneliness?

This ultimately leads to the painful choice between a life of pretence or the experience of rejection.

For human animals, eternal exile is one of the biggest fears and, from a very early age, people find themselves living in a constant, although often unconscious, onslaught of anxiety-raising thoughts and fears about what others think. They prefer to follow rules, to say ‘yes’ when they mean ‘no’, and they attempt to please people and authority figures in order to appear acceptable enough to be ‘loved’.

So people strive – they strive to achieve, to work harder, to be ‘good’, ‘better’, ‘healthier’, ‘younger’, richer, busier, more ‘perfect’, more ‘intelligent’, more skillful, more ‘spiritual’, and more, more, more….

The consensus of ‘approved behaviour’ requires a painful and never ending cycle of struggle which limits our true expression in everything, including: work, play, creativity, speech, clothing, physical appearance, sexuality, gender, and relationships. This shrinks the spirit – leaving no energy in the crushed psyche for play or joy. People end up worn out and empty, and they eventually become totally disillusioned, if they don’t die of some stress related disease first.


Us humans can do better for ourselves, I know it. I believe we all have the right to fearless self-expression, and to follow our chosen path to happiness and fulfillment – whether that is climbing the career ladder or sitting with friends and drinking tea. Personal divinity is nothing to strive for (thank goodness)  – like a breeze as it moves through the leaves on a tree, like a flower that opens to greet the morning sun, like a volcano that destroys everything with its fearsome fiery eruptions, like a devastating collision of asteroids in deep space, or like a rock that sits for millions of years – whatever we are, we are perfectly divine by simply being present in the universe.

Unfortunately because the magick of beingness has been devalued, in order to allow it, we can’t just be it, we have to rediscover it. Luckily, the experience of slowly revealing the truth about who you really are – your true expression, to yourself and others – can be a fascinating, exciting, and wonderful process. It is possible to heal through play, joy, and pleasure just as much as, if not more than, through anguish and pain. Through the ecstatic state, through playful exploration, and through feelings of internal love and comfort, you can re-write some of the fear based wiring in your brain.

being love

Being Love

Ecstasy can be felt in the experience of Oneness – realisation of the connection of true Unity is blissful. When you remember that you are One with All, you will never feel alone again, you will no longer need the approval of other people or an external god, and therefore you will be free. With this freedom comes an awakening of the deeper consciousness and a capacity to truly love. When you express yourself via this deeper consciousness, when you BE love, you will finally discover the relief of  the true connection you have been searching for.

I want to help you find this.


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