The Lilith Mysteries

Orgasmic Energy Healing

Awaken to Ecstasy

A beautiful, uplifting, and energising 1-1 healing session which can work on many levels – from the physical to the spiritual – and it is often accompanied by visions, spontaneous astral journeys, and amazing expansions.

An Orgasmic Energy healing session enables the receiver to enter a deep state of consciousness. I begin each session with a consultation so I can find out exactly what needs are most prominent in the current experience – this way, I can more precisely direct the process. Then, during the session, as I move my hands over and on the body, the receiver experiences electrical impulses and/or waves of energy moving through them and every cell from head to toe becomes ignited.

The process helps to release emotional and physical blocks and it is particularly helpful in awakening or reconnecting sexual energy. It taps into the same physiological process that is awakened during a sexual orgasm.


“I felt involuntary spasms moving through my body, building slowly – by the end it really was a full body energetic release….Lilith is gentle and un-intrusive throughout. I felt very safe to let go of any tensions I was holding and felt very relaxed after the session.”

“This was moment in my life that I can describe as sheer bliss. The deep breathing that Lilith encouraged me to do throughout the session helped me to relax, focus, and take it all in. Above all, it helped me to feel connected. My advice, go in with an open mind and with no fixed expectations. This made for a truly amazing experience, both physically and spiritually. It is something that has stayed with me for a very long time.”