The Lilith Mysteries

Trainings and Qualifications

  • I qualified as a psychotherapist in 1997 when I completed my MA in movement/body based psychotherapy
  • Certified to practice Rewind Technique with Dr David Muss – 2014
  • Urban Tantra Professional Training Program with Barbara Carrellas – 2012
  • Sexual Practitioner Training with Rebecca Lowrie – 2012
  • 20 plus years teaching and studying magick and mysticism

I have a sliding scale pricing to suit all budgets.

I am positive towards kink, trans, genderfluid, queer, sex, body, and alternative relationships.

All sessions are available to all genders.

These private sessions can be experienced via Skype or in person.

Therapeutic Mysticism

Ongoing or one-off sessions – A Fusion of Mystical Practice, Bodywork, and Psychotherapy

Orgasmic Energy Healing

Awaken to Ecstasy – A beautiful, uplifting, and energising 1-1 healing session which can work on many levels – from the physical to the spiritual – and it is often accompanied by visions, spontaneous astral journeys, and amazing expansions.

Sacred Sexuality Sessions

Awaken to Pleasure – Leave the stressful world behind and relax into the sanctuary of sensual bliss. This specialist session works to bring your sexual energy alive through deep meditation, breath awareness, and tantric style massage as I work with my hands on your body to identify and heal blocks, and take you deeper into your sensual experience.

The session can be focused towards healing specific issues, for awakening your sexual energy, or simply for pure sensual surrender.

Premium Package – One Year Exclusive 1-1 Personal Guidance

Exclusive Personal Guidance for One Full Year – I can help you organise your life and your mind to incorporate a regular practice, and to begin the exciting journey towards personal evolution. Everyone works differently, so I design personalised practices and meditations that are specific towards your needs.