The Lilith Mysteries

Contrary to what we are told, I believe that to be truly divine…

we must learn to be wild again – to un-domesticate ourselves.

We need to let go of the fear, the self-hatred, and the ‘good’ behaviour that we’re driven to by the doctrine of monotheism.

This book…

is a simple yet potent step-by-step magickal training for discovery and enlightenment. This book is a collection of transformative magickal practices.

The book is perfect for a personal magickal training process, and it can also be used as the foundation for group work. There are enough ideas in here for at least a year or two of weekly practice.

It includes stories, rituals, sacred-sex, meditations, journeys, invocations, and initiations, as paths to the ecstatic state. It gives you the tools that will inspire your spiritual experience and awaken you to your deep inner wisdom.


I believe that empowerment comes from experience AND understanding, therefore there are no secrets or mysteries.

Everything – including the origins and the reasons behind every ritual – is described and explained in detail.

Magickal practice eliminates the need for any belief system, superstition, dogma, or guru, and it takes you to the source that lies at the root of all religion and spirituality – presence, connection, and personal empowerment.

A journey from your inner world to the outer cosmos, this book leads you on a path of false-self destruction – when there is no fear, you are left with only authentic truth, deep love, and absolute presence. You are left with the god that is YOU.

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“Really recommend the book. It contains a wealth of transformational tools and practical meditations to bring fulfillment and joy. Having been to many of Lilith’s workshops and groups, I can say that the ideas and inspirations in the book really work! 🙂 xx” Rachel

“The Lilith chapter was very powerful and I had to stop reading the book for a while to take it in, the message is very powerful (blew my mind a bit) and certainly stirred up something deep within me.” Bruce

“Because you are YOU and because of the great help I received from you, the first pages I read have already managed to bring a level of energy in me, that I havent felt for a while, since we last met. This book is bringing me back to the reality of me again… I’m up in early hours because i can’t think of a better start than reading your wonderful words… your writing is so clear, and inspiring…. I’m introducing your work to a lot of my friends, as you are a wonderful inspiration to help people who struggle in their ordinary life.” Donatella

“I finally understand what it means to ‘ wake up’ to reality…. Since I have started to practice my meditation, something changed in me, I finally know what it means to feel… I wake up in the morning and look at things around me, and my perception has changed to the extent that I feel all things around me have life…. they are alive!! From a cloud to a tree, from a flower to a bird singing, I guess this is the  work of meditation, and I smile inside, I see beauty, I feel happy and I feel at peace with my surroundings….. Coincidence? I think NOT!!! I have to thank you then, for showing me the path to my divine presence.”