The Lilith Mysteries

Sacred Sexuality Sessions

Awaken to Pleasure

Like the trees that grow from seeds, which bud and flower and pollinate, like the animals that find unashamed pleasure and sensuality in their bodies, like the galaxies that birth and expand and spiral, the Sacred Blueprint asks us to say YES to the totality of our sensual and spiritual experience, to fully realise our potential, to emerge from seed and passionately express and enjoy all of who we are. This work reminds us that we are no different from nature and the universe and, even in every aspect of our sexual expression, we speak the language of divine consciousness.

Fully expressed sexuality is a necessity for wholeness, aliveness, and integration of the whole being. When you reconnect with your divine right to experience pleasure and ecstasy, it is possible to merge your sexuality with your spirituality and to find freedom and an expanded capacity for universal love.

I invite you into Lilith’s sacred shrine – to play, to expand, to celebrate the art of erotic love and to express your wildness and passion. This 1-1 session is a place for ritual, ecstasy, truth, and sacred communion of the body and the spirit; it is a place to find wholeness, healing and unconditional self-love.

Leave the stressful world behind and relax into the sanctuary of sensual bliss. This specialist session works to bring your sexual energy alive through deep meditation, breath awareness, and tantric style massage as I work with my hands on your body to identify and heal blocks, and take you deeper into your sensual experience.

The session can be focused towards healing specific issues, for awakening your sexual energy, or simply for pure sensual surrender.


“I felt completely comfortable with Lilith’s presence as we briefly discussed what may happen. Lilith was able to intuitively follow my energy as it arose and respond accordingly with touch. Her touch was appropriate, confident, gentle, and sensual allowing me to surrender readily into a state of bliss. I left feeling well met, in connection with my masculinity and fully energised.”