The Lilith Mysteries

The Lilith Mysteries
the ancient body of wisdom of that is symbolised by the Tree of Knowledge in the myth of the Garden of Eden is a juicy and empowering mix of magick, sacred sex, and non-religious mysticism.
But… Don’t eat the fruit!
it is forbidden!

Religious leaders know that sex, magick, and spiritual empowerment are intrinsically linked. But they don’t want individuals to be empowered, they want to maintain their patriarchal rule. They therefore work very hard to keep people suspicious, shameful, and fearful of expressing their sexuality, spirituality, and personal uniqueness.

The myth of the garden of Eden, which demonises women’s empowerment and sexuality, was created in order to warn people away from sexual pleasure and ecstatic states – therefore denying them knowledge of their power as creators in their own right. Religious or not, you will have been affected by this story as it reflects the root of the hatred of everyone who is not a straight, white, masculine acting, male.

However, I have been devouring the fruit of this tree for over 30 years, naughty me!

I have reclaimed this knowledge for anyone who wants to share it with me. I’ve stripped it of all unnecessary dogma, superstition, and false belief, and re-presented it as a clear, non-religious, accessible, and inclusive practice for the radical emergence of your profound personal, spiritual, and sexual self-empowerment.

When revealed to you, this ancient wisdom – thousands of years old – says that YOU (exactly as you are) are a perfect expression of divinity – a powerful creator in your OWN right – and that your sexual and spiritual explorations can lead to profound revelations and ecstatic states.

The practice I have developed will guide you, via your inner landscapes and the collective consciousness, to personal inspiration and profound revelation. Your explorations will lead you to reacquaint with the true essence of your mind, body, sex, and spirit.

There’s nothing to learn; there are no gurus, no priests, or shamans.

There’s nothing to believe in except yourself and your experience.

The Lilith mysteries are for you,

if you:

  • want to explore profound sex, magick, mysticism, and empowering spiritual practice.
  • wish for more awareness of the subtle levels of consciousness – telepathy, psychic vision, healing, intuition, empathy, the dreamworld.
  • have a feeling that there is ‘something more’ than this mundane life and want access to something deeper and more profound.
  • want to make sense of your life and your existence on this planet and in this universe.
  • feel that your fears and shame are holding you back from expressing your true self.
  • feel an urgency, a necessity, for self-realisation, but you’re struggling with where to start, where to go next, or simply what to do.

But you’ve had enough of things like:

  • new age ‘positive thinkers’ who blame people for having misfortunes.
  • purism and judgement within ‘spiritual’ circles.
  • guru worship.
  • belief systems and deity worship.
  • unnecessary superstitions and dogmas.
  • ‘spiritual’ (often appropriated) fashions.
  • hetero-normative bullshit.

With this practice, you don’t have to dress in a particular way, look ‘acceptable’, have perfect health and wealth, or be sexually repressed, to be spiritual. NONE of these things are a measure of your worthiness.

There’s nothing to change – you are already perfect – you will simply realign with the quintessential truth that is you.


I am Lilith – witch, wisdom seeker, cosmic whore, mystic, magician, seer, healer, Teacher, mother, and grandmother.

I’m motivated by love, passion, and compassion, and I’m driven by the force of deep ancestral grief and rage. In my embodiment of Lilith the archetype, I work to enable sexual and spiritual empowerment and to reclaim the erotic as a sacred life force.

I’m here for you…

if you feel socially, sexually, and spiritually marginalised because you don’t fit in with patriarchal, cultural, religious, and spiritual expectations but you yearn for a spiritual practice that actively celebrates you.

I hold loving space for your radical truth and experience, inviting your being into ecstatic transformation through empowered spirituality, magick, psychological healing, and sacred sexuality.

Read about Lilith the archetype here.


“This work takes us through our central core of being. Lilith guides us to the depth and height of learning to know ourselves as divine beings, able to use our will to create our lives exactly as we wish, and that is what magicians do.”

“I feel like I am reconnecting with a part of myself that has been asleep, but which is so wonderfully true and real. Each time we meet as a group, I feel a bit more knowing, a bit more understanding of this truth and I feel privileged and joyful being with wonderful people who are traveling this path too. It is a challenging path but full of delights, and one I never want to leave!”

“It is very hard to put into words all the wonderful things that this work is doing for me. Opening doors I did not even realise were there – journeying to the furthest reaches of myself. It is kind of like all the separate little things I have been trying to advance without much success have started whizzing along, plus I am finding masses of puzzles about myself falling into place… all of it happening now cannot be a coincidence… all those dips into the subconscious are bearing wonderful fruit!”

“This work is a powerful experiential journey of change. I have developed a much deeper sense of self understanding which has freed me to live life with more joy, connection and confidence. A magical place! The journey each week connects me to another piece of my inner wisdom, reminding me of who I am, and reawakening my power.”